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As a specialist in cybersecurity and risk management, we offer our large corporate clients comprehensive support with dual functional and technical expertise.

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Crisis Management
Carrying out a Crisis Management Exercise enables the customer’s management, governance and technical teams to reach a higher level of maturity. To ensure the success of these exercises, NEVERHACK deploys a strategy based on 3 pillars:
A 3-stage approach:
  • 01
    Defining the overall crisis management process
  • 02
    Structuring an exercise in conditions close to company and customer reality
  • 03
    Feedback and implementation of reflex cards for operational staff
Cyber Strategy
We work with organizations to help them define a cybersecurity and cyber resilience strategy, strengthening their ability to support their digital transformation and manage a cyber crisis while minimizing the business impact.
Our services
  • SSI master plan and roadmap
  • Raising management awareness
  • Operational target model
  • Roadmap deployment
  • Cyber crisis management
  • CISO support
Continuity & Crisis Management
Our business continuity services:
  • Loss mapping, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Analysis
  • Business continuity and recovery strategy (BCP/ERP – PCI/PRI)
  • Development of business continuity tools and procedures
  • Assistance in implementing technical backup solutions
  • Maintenance in operational conditions (tests, audits, etc.)
Our crisis management services:
  • Preparation and running of crisis management exercises
  • Definition of crisis management organization
  • Design of crisis management toolkits
  • Assistance in selecting crisis management tools
  • Change management, including training and awareness-raising
Risk & Compliance
As part of its “Risk Management” offering, we works with the Risk and Information Security departments with a triple objective:
  • Ensure that the control system in place is in line with the threats to business activities,
  • Implement relevant risk management indicators,
  • Design and justify the strategy for developing the control system, by linking the risks covered to the euros spent.
  • (LPM, NIS, PCI-DSS, ISO27k, RGDS, etc.)
  • (PASSI)
  • Definition of contractual security frameworks for service provision
  • ERPs
Identity & Access Management
Founded in the field of IAM solution integration, we continue to develop its offer to meet new business challenges. Harmonie Technologie works with Information System Security Managers (ISSMs), Authorization Program Managers and Information Systems Directors (ISDs), helping them to improve IS access governance and their digital transformation strategy, taking into account new uses: Mobility, Cloud, RPA and IoT.
360° support:
  • Framework, audit and change management
  • Cloud and On Prem integration
  • IAG Web-SSO & E-SSO)
Privileged & Account Management
Privileged Account Management (PAM) is a rapid response to malicious acts and cyber-attacks involving powerful accounts on your IS. Our technical skills center is currently undergoing a certification process to validate our ability to meet the level of expertise required for the integration of privileged account management projects on a fixed-price basis:
  • Implement CICD industrialization processes
  • IAM, SIEM, access control, vulnerability scanning
  • Monitoring
  • (LPM, NIS, PCI-DSS, ISO27k, RGDS, etc.)
  • (PASSI)
  • Definition of contractual security frameworks for service provision
  • ERPs
Data Protection
We work with large corporations to help them protect their information assets by implementing strategies for securing architectures, applications and sensitive data (structured and unstructured) in an extended enterprise context (Cloud, B2B, Open API):
  • Data protection (classification, DLP, DRM, PKI, etc.)
  • Application security
  • CISO support (policies, dashboard, ISO27k…)
  • Project risk assessment and management
  • Awareness & training
  • Personal data management (GDPR)