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We organize Cyber careers into 3 major areas of expertise: development, infrastructure, and governance.

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Tailored SOC to meet your security challenges
NEVERHACK firmly believes that detecting, analysing and responding to simple events or incidents should be dealt with Artificial Intelligence powered tools and that the few human resource of a SOC should be focused on Tier three specialists to handle advanced analysis and incident response.
Building the SOC fit for your needs
NEVERHACK will support trough this process by :
Defining with you the appropriate Security strategy:
in this first step our experts will offer to create with you the goals and objective of the SOC within your overall cyberdefence strategy.
Analyze your systems, networks and organization:
i. Which translates in gathering the information needed to create the situational awareness your security needs,
ii. Gathering and collecting the data to establish your exposure and attack surfaces,
iii.Mapping your IT and processes to enable behavioral analysis.
Building the appropriate Infrastructure:
NEVERHACK Secops Branch will devlop the It architecture and deploy the capabilities to collect the information on your systems
Designing and building the core capabilities of your SOC engine developing the tools to create the core capabilities for:
i. Threat Detection and Analysis,
ii. Monitoring your security and your users,
third parties behavior,
iii. Vulnerability management,
iv. Orchestrating your priorities based on risk exposure or business sensitivity,
v. Incorporate threat intelligence in your 24/7 SOC organization,
vi. Integrating NEVERHACK A.I. powered tools to test your systems and “redteam“ your networks and Cloud services.
Establish process and procedures:
NEVERHACK Consulting Branch document your Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for detecting, analyzing and responding to Cyber incidents. Documenting Crisis management and Business continuity plans.
Train your experts and the managers in crisis management:
using Seela LMS platform for sensitization, training, creating bluteam/redteam exercises on our cyber-range that can involve the company’s cyber experts and the top managers.
Measure your successes and develop Continual Service Improvement (CSI):
NEVERHACK Consulting Branch will help you develop your security lifecycle to improve your defenses in order to match the evolution of the threat landscape.
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Architecture & Integration
Continuous integration: Reduce risks by integrating security into all stages of DevOps projects.
Deploy: Deploy continuously and take deployment platforms into account.
Anticipate: Integrate data security right from the start of a project. Secured by design.
Network Security
Network segmentation: Implement robust network segmentation to prevent lateral cyberattacks
Intrusion detection: Continuously monitor network traffic to swifty detect and respond to suspicious activities.
Access controls: Enforce strict access controls to limit unauthotized entry and data exposure.
Cloud Security
Multi-factor authentification: Strengthen cloud service access with multi-factor authentification for enhanced identity verification
Identity and access management: Implement access and authorization management policies based on the principle of least privilege.
Data encryption: Apply encryption mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data within the cloud.
Simulation & Homologation
Testing: Conduct regular tests to identify system vulnerabilities, potential attacks vectors and evaluate defensive capabilities.
Compliance validation: Utilize automated security audit tools validate compliance requirements.
Internal AI Products
Detection: Securisation of the software supply chain based on developper bahavioral analysis
Attack replication: Modelisation of the attacker’s behavior Red Team in ordrer to replication attacks scenarios and test incident response.