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Developers AI Authenticator
Protect your software supply chain from developer account compromise with behavioral analysis.
Zero trust approach
Zero trust approach
Enhanced Developer Authentication through Behavioral Analysis by our AI.
Non-Intrusive Behavioral Authentication
Non-Intrusive Behavioral Authentication
Passwordless and Keyless Identification Process. Developers are authenticated based on their style and behavior.
Integrated into your CI/CD pipeline
Integrated into your CI/CD pipeline
Integration of CAPTION as a runner directly into your CI/CD pipeline.
Caption can analyse
CAPTION integrates directly into your GitLab pipeline.
Learning and Identification of Developer Habits
Ongoing verification of developer authenticity through
  • CAPTION's behavioral analysis.
  • CAPTION learns team members habits. CAPTION analyzes code pushed by each contributor in GitLab.
  • Developer's code and style are characterized.
Detection of potential identity impersonation
CAPTION autonomously utilizes its internal mapping and triggers an alert upon detecting anomalies in a developer's behavior and/or style.
  • Detection of anomalies in developer habits.
  • Injection of code is blocked.
  • The main branch is protected.