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Cyber Profiles Qualification Solution
The cybersecurity testing platform that assesses the technical, operational, and business skills of your current and future teams.
Master skills
Master skills
Evaluate technical skills of cyber profiles through customized questionnaires to meet your needs
Identify areas for improvement.
Identify areas for improvement.
Highlight the areas where profils need to enhance their skills, using the test results.
Accelerate your recruitment
Accelerate your recruitment
Enhance the assessment of candidates’ skills to simplify recruitment and professional development decision-making.
Ensure the best of Cyber
Save time with ready-made tests
Ready-to-use and effective for safeguarding your business, our cybersecurity campaigns are specifically tailored for the most sought-after cyber roles, saving you time.
Additionally, they simplify profile assessment by categorizing them into three skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert.
Customize the tests to fit your organization
Tailor cybersecurity to your business. Utilize our campaigns in cyber roles while customizing educational objectives to precisely address your unique needs.
Our platform provides the flexibility and relevance needed to ensure your team is prepared for cyber challenges, all while adapting training to your industry, company size, and specific goals.
Design customized tests for your specific challenges.
Create a campaign specific to a cybersecurity profession and design tailor-made educational objectives for your company.
Our platform offers an innovative blend of multiple-choice quizzes and hands-on workshops to be conducted within our CyberRange environment. This unique approach enables you to create customized assessments for accurately and personally measuring technical proficiency.
Manage and evaluate the outcomes
Our platform allows you to accurately assess candidates performance by providing detailed scores, comprehensive reports, and recommendations for skills development.
Each individual is ranked based on three levels of scoring, reflecting the complexity of the proposed campaign. This offers you in-depth management and precise skill evaluation.